Chocolate tempering

Chocolate tempering Ice Com

Chocolate tempering machine

It works together with two collector tanks – a smaller one (300 L) and a bigger one (500 L or more)

The tempering machine is a series of tightly temperature controled zones, through which the chocolate goes through in order to be prepared for its final use.
Description of the chocolate’s path:
The chocolate is stored in a big collector tank where it is being stirred and kept at a desired temperature (around 45° C).

At the start of the process the chocolate gets pumped to the small tank (300 L) where the temperature is kept around 35° C.

The pumping stops automatically when the tank is full. From there the chocolate goes to the tempering machine where it goes through a cooling tower with two temperature regulated zones.

The temperature values can be set on the control panel of the machine by the client’s technologist.

After the chocolate comes out of the cooling tower it’s ready for its final use (enrobing of waffles/bars, moulding into plastic forms etc.)

  • productivity – around 650 kg/h chocolate
  • main driving power of the cooling tower – SEW R67 1.5 kW
  • height – 2 340 mm
  • width – 1 400 mm
  • depth – 1 500 mm