Ice cream moulded production line competition for ROLO Tetra Pak RIA Gram

Moulded ice cream freezer

Automatic machine for continuous production of ice cream sorbet, sherbet, fruit juice and water ice. Ideal to produce layered products and fruit juice coated products. All functions are pneumatically driven and PLC controlled.


  • round worktable with stations placed around made completele in stainless steel
  • set of stations, moveable on rails around worktable
  • linear pick up unit with chocolate dipping
  • pocket conveyor
  • wrapping machine
  • cooling unit with external freon/brine exchanger
  • available also for ammonia refrigeration
Ice cream moulded line similar ROLLO Tetra Pak RIA Gram


Ice cream moulded production line similar ROLO Tetra Pak RIA Gram

type ROTARY 8 / SM8 up to 8000 pieces per hour

type ROTARY 6 / SM6 up to 6000 pieces per hour

SM6 Vojta Equipment

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