Ageing tanks

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Aging vat

It has slow agitator and as fold source it uses chilled water or, upon request freon (in such a case the tank can be supplied with built-in cooling unit). The cooling medium flows into the Trapcold® jacket that is integrated in the wall of the ageing tank.
The standard capacity range goes from 300 up to 2400lt. On special execution it is possible to have tanks up to 15000 lt.


  • heat-exchanger Trapcold: these panels come from more than 50 years of research and development and are continously developed thanks to our presence as an international leader in the heat-exchange field for the food industry
  • both internal tank and external shell are made of AISI 304 with food grade finishing
  • insulation between the internal tank and the external shell is made with high density injected polyurethane
  • electronic controller with display for temperature
  • simple and reliable components: our long experience for their friendly use
  • quality and competent work is certified: ISO 9001/2000 and P.E.D. module H
  • slow stirrer
  • closed type and open type

Optional accessories

  • spray ball for CIP washig
  • buterfly valve for product dischatrge
  • start/stop button for stirrer
  • second positioning pipe for one more themperature sensor
  • longer / shorter support feet
  • level sensor
  • weighing system ng_ageing_tank_maturation_ice_cream_water_cooled_freon_cooled_FIC_ice_com_layout_dimensions-16615205 43_tn.jpg