du 03 vojta equipment ice com

DU-03 filling machines

Stand-alone filler designed for filling ice cream semi-automatically with or without inclusions into “family bulk” containers - rectangular, square or round, or ice cream decorated cakes.

It can operate both with ice-cream or with creamy products.

Every part that comes into contact with the product is made of materials according to the current sanitary and hygienic standards.

It works electro pneumatically.

DU-03 semiautomatic filling machine for cups 

  • Supporting framework
  • Time filler with pneumatic cylinder
  • Control electric panel. Panel and labels in English
  • Control filling cylinder
  • Working table
  • Pressure reduction gear filter unit
  • Working table adjusting clamps
  • Filler vertical translation. servomotor and detachment
  • Connections to product to be filled with variegation (syrup)
  • Pneumatic components FESTO
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