Vento Hybrid

AHT Vento Supermarket Shelves Supermarlet equipment Plug-in multideck chiller
R290 propan Full Plug In Refrigeration

…is a plug-in multideck chiller.

This revolutionary series of plug-in multidecks for meat and dairy products provides impressive flexibility, requires minimal installation and boosts sustainability in operation and investment. The innovative concept of fully integrated refrigeration technology reduces system complexity and installation work to a minimum. Extremely versatile, for open use or equipped with glass doors, VENTO Hybrid is the ideal up-to-date multideck solution!

Key benefits

  • Hybrid: Efficient waste heat removal using air or water, including automatic switching between modes – allows easy waste heat recovery
  • Completely flexible, connectable plug-in shelf units – from individual placement up to entire store systems
  • Total freedom of layout in the store as well as simple repositioning and system expansion – even in existing stores
  • Fast setup thanks to »Plug and Chill« technology – no substantial installation work required
  • Higher sales thanks to longer customer dwell time in front of shelves (cold air is sucked away)
  • High product safety and reliability thanks to two separate waste heat systems
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • Full integration of all required refrigeration components into the shelf units prevents refrigerant loss

Accessories (optionals)

  • Dividers: steel sheet, wire or plastic
  • Merchandise stoppers: steel sheet, wire or plastic
  • Side wall: solid, mirrored inside or panoramic
  • Dividing wall: solid or mirrored inside
  • Separator
  • Shelves
  • Shelf lighting
  • LED interior lighting
  • Scanner price rails
  • Bumpers, protection bars
  • Mirrored ceiling
  • Energy saving blind tear-proof
  • Integrated network
  • Connection to store monitoring system
  • Glass swinging door
  • Glass sliding/swinging door combination: for fast loading, the swinging doors can be pushed aside into neighboring sections – if units are row placed, the doors can even be pushed beyond the shelf ends!

Temperature ranges

  • Fish: 5 °C to -1 °C
  • Dairy products: 7 °C to -1 °C
  • Beverages: 7 °C to -1 °C
  • Fruit and vegetables: 10 °C to -1 °C
  • Ground meat: 2 °C to -1 °C
  • Packed meat, cold cuts: 4 °C to -1 °C