Kalea Freeze Air

AHT KALEA Freeze Air
R290 Propan Full Plug In FREEZING

... is the new product family impresses with its sophisticated in-box technology.

"Heart and brain" are in a cassette on the appliance bottom. The new KALEA Freeze Air sets completely new standards not only visually and technologically, but also in terms of service and safety.

Key benefits

  • In-Box System enables quick on-site maintenance
  • The “heart and brain” are in a drawer that is exchanged during technical maintenance – this enables the device to continue running without any problems and the repair effort is reduced to a minimum
  • Smart control enables the appliance to recognise independently via a cloud solution when maintenance or service is required and to send a message
  • Safety first, the device works with several refrigeration circuits
  • Should one circuit fail, another one can will take over until arrival of a technician
  • IKALEA Freeze Air is one of the quietest, air-cooled appliances on the market
  • Minimal maintenance requirements


Temperature ranges

L1 Freezing –18°C to –23°C

AHT KALEA Freeze Air
AHT KALEA Freeze Air
AHT KALEA Freeze Air
AHT KALEA Freeze Air