F 700

F700 ice cream freezer Vojta Equipment Ice Com

F700 Vojta Equipment automatic continuous ice cream freezers are robust, compact size with remarkable efficiency being one of most important parts for industrial ice cream production.

Freezer advanced control system guarantees to reach constant, repeatable and economic production of high quality ice cream.

Freezers are tested in our production, ready to be used as plug-in solution.


  • full stainless-steel construction
  • efficient refrigeration system based on Bitzer semi-hermetic compressor
  • R449a / R452a / R404A or other compatible ecological freons with direct expansion system
  • horizontally placed freezing cylinder, hard chromium-plated with mirror-finished inner surface
  • stainless steel dasher equipped with scraper blades and a beater
  • mix and discharge gear pumps in CIP design
  • adjustable clearance of the pumps to compensate normal wear
  • high-efficiency air filtering and sterilizing system
  • air mass flow controller
  • mix flow meter
  • ice cream outlet temperature sensor
  • cylinder pressure sensor
  • refrigerant condenser tube heat exchanger for easy maintenance
  • constant ice cream quality
  • remote assistance via internet access service
  • control panel provides clear and easily understood information to the operator during all stages of production
  • automatic Start/Stop sequence with minimum waste
  • automatic hold-on sequence for short production stops
  • automatic CIP sequence
  • operator-friendly graphic 7“ touch screen to set and control
  • automatic capacity (volumetric mix flow meter)
  • automatic viscosity (hot gas injection)
  • automatic overrun (air mass flow meter)
  • automatic cylinder pressure 
  • display of ice cream outlet temperature
  • memory to save working parameters (up to 40 recipes)
  • alarm messages, help screens automatically activated
  • maintenance menu with clear description of all needed operations including working hour counter

Optional equipment

  • variable dasher speed
  • extra outlet ice cream pump/s for accurate flow in each filling/extrusion line
  • mix inlet temperature sensor
  • pressure sensor to read pressure on ice cream pipe after freezer
  • built in controls for simple time-elapse filling unit, to manual fill cups or containers, operated from freezer screen 
  • start up armature with manual/automatic 3-way valve
  • freezer controls mirrored on display of extrusion line or filling machine
  • production data reporting to management system