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Water cooling towers

closed circuit evaporative water tower cooling industrial equipments Ice Com

Closed circuit evaporative cooling towers MCC / MCE series

The MCC series closed circuit evaporative cooling towers are employed as an alternative to open type cooling circuits with heat exchangers, in those cases in which the cooling fluid for the user’s equipment (generally water or water with glycol) must maintain its chemical and physical characteristics constant over time and unpolluted by external elements. In fact the fluid to be cooled circulates within the tubes constituting the heat exchanger coil placed inside the cooling tower: the coil, in turn, is continuously wetted by the water contained in the basin of the tower, which is sent to a spray system with nozzles via the appropriate pump. Thanks to the combined effects of the evaporation of a small part of the spray water and of the turbulence created inside the tubes, the cooling of the fluid, which can hence be returned to the user’s equipment, is achieved.

The MCE series evaporative condensers can be employed in air conditioning and industrial refrigeration installations, representing in their operation an alternative to the classical water cooled condenser with evaporative cooling tower or systems with aircooled finned coils. The refrigerant gas to be condensed is fed to the upper header of a coil of smoothsurface tubes which, continuously wetted by water appropriately sprayed and in contact with an adequate countercurrent airflow, permits the progressive condensation of the gas. The gas, thus cooled and condensed to the liquid state, can be returned via the lower header to the installation. Hence the evaporative condenser, in the context of water cooled condensing systems combines the “open circuit cooling tower condenser” system in a single and compact unit exploiting, inside the unit, the forced evaporation of a small quantity of the recirculating spray water to achieve the heat load rejection which is necessary to condensate the refrigerant gas.

Fitted with one or more axial fans according to the model, the MCC and MCE series are built with a strong supporting structure in hot-dip galvanised steel and side walls made of fibreglass sandwich panels. The internal heat exchanger is composed of smooth-tube coils. The standard configuration is completed by the water collecting basin and the fan stacks made entirely of fibreglass (FRP). The range includes several models suitable for installations with requested refrigeration capacities between approx. 80 and 1900 kW.

For all models several option items are available, such as:

  • different solutions to reduce sound emissions
  • totally removable side walls for an easy and total access to the internal parts, to simplify inspection, cleaning or maintenance operations
  • the closed circuit cooling tower is employed in industrial plants and civil air conditioning installations.
open circuit evaporative water tower cooling industrial equipments model PMS Ice Com
open circuit evaporative water tower cooling industrial equipments model PMS Ice Com

The PMS cooling towers are built entirely in fibreglass (or- thophthalic polyester resin, reinforced with several layers of glass fibre matting) in order to avoid corrosion problems due to the fact that the tower is constantly in contact with water and it is exposed to all kinds of weather.

The structure is selfsupporting and strengthened at the points of greatest dynamic and static stress. Moreover, the fibreglass surface is protected by a gelcoat that is resistant to UV rays, hot and cold water and abrasion due to weather and chemicals.

The basin has a sloping bottom with rounded off corners, to enable an easy emptying to simplify its cleaning.

The filling material is made of selfextinguishing PVC with 12 mm flute.
The multiblade axial fan (with blades in plastic material reinforced with glass fibre) grants high performances with low electrical power input and low noise levels.

The certified PMS series includes 7 models, all available with orwithoutwaterbasin, for a range of cooling capacities from approx. 62 kW to 830 kW (indicative values referred to nominal temperatures conditions 40°C in, 30°C out, 24°C wet bulb).

The following accessories and/or construction variants are available for all models on request:

• three-phase heating element with control thermostat
• minimum level cut-out switch
• control panel
• manhole for easy inspection and access to the internal components.