Chocolate production

Chocolate production equipment integrated plant Ice Com

Integrated equipment for the production of chocolate coating for ice cream.

The fat is melted in the heated fat melting tank, then fat is dosed into the temperature-controlled chocolate ball mill where sugar, cocoa powder, and other ingredients are added.

The mixture is being milled for 4-6 hours at a controlled the first part of the process the tank is heated then cooled by tap water. After milling the chocolate is transferred to the chocolate storage tank.

Integrated chocolate processing plant for 250 Kg / batch, 500 Kg / batch and 1000 Kg / batch.

The equipment can produce:

  • Chocolate coating for ice cream
  • Chocolate coating for bakery products
  • Cream for wafer production
  • Cream for croissant production
  • Cream for sponge cacke rolls and cookies.
Chocolate plant 500 integrated production plant for chocolate coating
Chocolate ball mill 250 / 500 self standing
Chocolate storage tank Ice Com
Chocolate melting and storage tank for chocolate pellets Ice Com